Why you should watch how much sodium you eat

Eating a sodium-free diet by choice may be difficult to imagine, especially when you don’t suffer from high blood pressure or food-restricting conditions like diabetes. However, it may be a smart move.

A recent article in the Huffington Post lists numerous negative health effects caused by high sodium consumption, which includes kidney disease, osteoporosis, asthma and even gastric cancer. The majority of these negative health affects are a result of the average sodium intake in America today. About 3500mg of sodium is consumed by a single individual in a day. Compared to our early ancestral diet of natural foods where there was only 1000mg of sodium, this is a grotesquely high number.

Living in a society where fast food and other unhealthy options are readily available makes sodium and diet constrictions a challenge for many.  Unfortunately, a high sodium diet puts even the healthiest person at risk for health trouble beyond high blood pressure. So much so, that the American Heart Association has recently dropped its recommended maximum sodium intake from 2300 mg to 1500 mg.

Unhealthy eating trends over the past decade have varied among North Americans. Only until recently, has affordable, organic food become more mainstream and widely available. Stores like Trader Joe’s can be found in more local neighborhoods. Whole Foods, although pricier, offers organic, pre-made balanced meals that provide consumers a variety of options to chose from.

Eating less sodium doesn’t have to be a painful alteration to your lifestyle. Not to mention, the health benefits you will gain from eating a low sodium diet will far outweigh how you looked and felt before!

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