Taking care of a pet can improve your health

A dog may be more than just a best friend – research is suggesting the importance of a pet as a means for treatment.

According to aarp.com, 62% of Americans own a pet for the companionship, love and affection that these animals afford them. While these benefits are great, numerous studies are reporting actual health benefits associated with owning a furry friend.

Here are a few ways in which pets can improve your health:
  • Pets help recovery from heart attacks – A study from the National Institutes of Health found that dog owners had a higher survival rate after a heart attack, compared to those who did not own dogs.
  • Pets help reduce stress…more so than humans do.
  • Pet owners are less obese – Pet owners are more active, simply because they want their pets to stay active and healthy as well.
  • Pet owners have better mobility as they age – a National Institutes of Health study found that adults aged 71-82 who regularly walked their dogs were more mobile, compared to those who did not own pets.
  • Pets can help with cholesterol – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that owning a pet can decrease cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.

There are so many different pet options out there for everyone. If you are not a cat or dog person, try getting a fish or other small animal. It will be great for your health and happiness!

Courtesy of CareNotes: The Home Care Newsletter

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