Salt: the truth behind the flavor

It's no secret that salt is the magical ingredient that adds flavor to any dish. "This tastes bland, better add SALT!"
And over the years we've managed to put salt into many food and beverages to enhance flavor and help preserve freshness. As a result, most people are exceeding their daily sodium intake without even knowing it. The average Canadian’s sodium intake is estimated to be 3,400 mg per day, where as Health Canada recommends for adults 1,500 mg of sodium daily with a maximum limit of 2,300 mg per day.

Zoomer Magazine has passed on some helpful tips to reduce your sodium intake daily:

  • Use less or no salt when preparing meals.
  • Pay attention to product packaging and look for foods labeled sodium-free, no added salt, low sodium, or reduced sodium. For example, PC Blue Menu products have an easy to read (-) symbol in an arrow that indicates lower sodium content or no sodium added.
  • Use the Nutrition Facts table on food labels to choose foods that have less than 120 mg sodium per serving or less than 5% Daily Value (DV).
  • Choose breads, crackers, baked goods, snack foods, canned sauces, soups and dressings with a low sodium count per serving.
  • Talk to a pharmacist. Some grocery stores have even initiated programs for customer consultations. For example, the pharmacists in Loblaw banner grocery stores offer one-on-one guidance for concerns such as heart health, blood pressure and nutrition, including the recommended daily intake of sodium.

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