Study Shows Caregiving is One of the Most Stressful Occupations

A recent study has confirmed what many of us already know: that caregiving is one of the most stressful occupations in North America.  This study found that caregivers are the third most stressed group in America behind the obese and the depressed.  Coincidentally, these are two issues that many caregivers are at risk for; this only amplifies the already high stress level of caregivers.
“Caregivers are not only more likely to report stress than other groups; they also report it at higher levels,” said senior editor Paul Spencer Scott. “Caregivers are more likely than the general public to have a chronic illness (82 percent vs. 61 percent) and to rate their own health as fair or poor (34 percent vs. 20 percent). Caregivers also appear to manage stress in less healthy ways than the general population. Caregivers are twice as likely, for example, to report smoking to manage their stress (20 percent vs. 10 percent).”
It is more important now than ever to take time out of your day to takes steps toward protecting one’s health and avoiding caregiver burnout.  The ability to provide care to another individual is an invaluable service to society, but the caregiver and their patient’s health need to be of equal importance.
Other interesting findings garnered from this report are that people still refuse to accept how stress affects their daily lives.  Nearly one third of those polled do not believe that stress affects their physical or mental health.  Tests have proven that the truth is quite the opposite; reduction of stress is a major step towards a healthier lifestyle.

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