Exercising Regularly

If ever there were a perfect excuse not to exercise, arthritis pain would seem to be it. In fact, research shows quite the opposite: A properly designed exercise program can not only decrease your pain, but also increase your flexibility and overall fitness - and it can do wonders for your spirits.
Exercise confers an even more direct benefit. Did you know you're 'feeding' your joints when you're active? Cartilage - the tough gristle that protects the ends of bones - depends on joint movement to absorb nutrients and remove waste. Activity actually helps keep joints healthy.
Here's another way to look at it: Exercise is one part of your treatment program over which you can assert control. It's a chance to confront arthritis directly and maybe reclaim some favourite activities the disease has stolen from you - and discover some new ones, too. The trick is getting started and sticking with your program.
Before you start pumping iron or running marathons, though, get a little expert coaching.  Check with your doctor or physiotherapist to make sure the activity you're planning to take up isn't out of your league.

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