Summer is a very popular time for all ages to travel. For seniors in particular, traveling may be accompanied by special considerations or challenges. Please use the tips below to better prepare for your next trip with an aging parent or loved one. Home Care Assistance wishes you a safe and happy journey!
Pre-planning for your vacation – Many travel agents specialize in senior travel, so ask what they recommend. Take an hour or so to research the medical facilities, climate, language and culture in the place that you will be traveling. Purchasing a guide book is the best way to learn about your destination and they are affordable. If you have a pre-existing illness, don’t forget to buy travel insurance!
Packing – If you do not have a suitcase with wheels, purchase one – it makes traveling much easier. Include a medical kit in your carry-on bag and if you take medication, a clearly marked pill box will help you remember which medications you need to take and when.
Traveling with a disability – Plan ahead by calling airlines, hotels and the local tourist authority at your destination to make necessary arrangements for the duration of your travel. Let them know what your disability is and if any special requirements or accommodations are needed.
Pre-trip medical checkups – Consult with your doctor to see if you should have a medical check-up prior to departure. Consider vaccinations and discuss any health concerns, such as dietary changes, time zone differences and medications.
Traveling with medication – When going abroad, make sure your medication is legal in the country you are visiting. Contact the country’s embassy or consulate to check. Discuss the medicine you will require with your doctor and have him or her write you a letter describing the medication, dosage and that it is for personal use. Keep all medicine in its original labeled container to avoid trouble with Customs.
Clothing – Wear comfortable, breathable clothing when traveling, allowing blood to circulate easily. When flying, compression stockings are sometimes helpful for seniors. Always avoid tight socks or stockings.
Exercise -- Exercise, especially during long trips, is important for your muscles, joints and overall circulation. Standing, walking and stretching a few times mid-flight will alleviate any stiffness. Due to low humidity levels on planes, drinking fluids is very important as you can easily get dehydrated.
Must have information – Make sure to have your doctor’s and emergency contact’s number, airline carrier and U.S. Embassy (if traveling abroad) number easily accessible and in a centralized place in case of emergency.
Help can be hired – Everyone needs occasional respite. If you are the primary caregiver for your parent or loved one, hire a caregiver from a reputable agency to take care of them while you are gone. Bringing your elderly loved one with you? You can hire a caregiver to accompany you on your trip, or you can hire a caregiver on short notice once you reach your destination. Home Care Assistance currently has 60 locations throughout North America. See if we are in a city near you!
Whether it’s near or far, remember these important tips for senior travel and enjoy a relaxing vacation!

Home Care Assistance offers the highest quality 24/7 live-in home care in the Region of Halton (Oakville, Burlington, Halton Hills, and Milton), Region of Peel (Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon), Hamilton and surrounding areas.

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