The relationship between mental health and body health

If you suffer from depression or an anxiety disorder and you have a chronic illness such as diabetes or heart disease, you have a considerably higher risk for disability and premature death. People who are in the early or middle stages of dementia or Alzheimer's are likely to be depressed or anxious which futher impairs their mental cognition. Someone who suffers long-term severe mental illness is expected to live at least 10 years and perhaps even 30 years less than the average person.

The Surgeon General of the United States described the relationship between mind and body as such: "There is no health without mental health. There is no mental health without health. Sound mind, sound body."

Each year almost 25% of the population will get a diagnosable mental or substance use disorder. However, only 40% of people with these disorders get the appropriate treatment. The primary cause of this problem is that many people just don't know when they need help and when they do, there are not enough qualified mental health professionals available. While we may chalk it up to the ups and downs of everyday life, deteriorating mental health is very serious and can take hostage of our lives.

Here are five tips to maintaining your mental health:
1) Stay active and involved with other people such as colleagues, friends and family
2) Maintain a balance in your life to reduce stress
3) Get regular screenings for mental health problems
4) Seek treatment for the earliest and smallest symptoms of mental health problems
5) Call a mental health centre near you.

Source: The Huffington Post

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