27 Ways To Live A Relaxed Stress-Free Life

1. Hug someone.

2. Dance.

3. Mono-task, as opposed to multi-tasking.

4. Progressively tense each muscle, holding each for five seconds then releasing.

5. Stretch.

6. Go for a run or swim or any other sport.

7. Play a game. Sudoku, crosswords, hopscotch, whatever.

8. Soak in a bath.

9. Laugh.

10. Turn off your electronics. Enjoy the quiet.

11. Read.

12. Take a bike ride.

13. Take a five-minute break to clear your mind and breathe.

14. Cover your eyes with an eye pillow. Allow your anxious eyeballs to feel like they're floating rather than gripping.

15. Play with your pet.

16. Drink a cup of hot tea. Or iced if that makes you feel better!

17. Take a whiff of a favorite soothing scent, maybe citrus or lavender.

18. Clear off your desk or clean out the drawers of your dresser. De-cluttered can equal destressed.

19. Indulge in a massage.

20. Soak your feet in Epsom salts.

21. Listen to your favourite music (See 27b).

22. Light a candle and watch the flame flicker.

23. Write in a diary.

24. Talk to a friend.

25. Make everyday activities more meditative. Like walking, for instance: Rather than rush down the hallway, place one foot in front of the other and really feel your feet ground into the earth with each step.

26. Unplug (or turn off) your phone.

27. Strive to take deep breaths to reach the tight spaces of your body - try to feel your breathing in your lower back and your shoulders.

27b) Ok I added an extra one but who can say that this is not relaxing.

Source: Canoe Health

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